Book & Education Recommendations

Blogs & Videos

Chair Making

Curtis Buchanan  - Youtube   

Tim Manney - Blog

Jeff Lefkowitz - Blog

Caleb James - Blog, Youtube

Peter Galbert - BlogVideos

Elia Bizzarri - Blog, Youtube


Sloyd & Spoon Carving



Hand Tool Woodworking

Lost Art Press


Chair Making

Chairmaker's Notebook - Peter Galbert 

The Stick Chair Book - Chris Schwarz

Make a Chair from a Tree - Jennie Alexander

Going with the Grain - Living Wood - Mike Abbott

The Chair - Galen Cranz


Sloyd & Spoon Carving

Swedish Carving Techniques - Wille Sundqvist

Slojd in Wood - Jogge Sundqvist

Spon - Barn The Spoon


Green Woodworking

Country Woodcraft - Drew Langsner

Green Woodwork - Mike Abbott


Thinking about Art & Craft

The Invention of Craft - Glenn Adamson

Global Objects - Edward S. Cooke, Jr.

Art is Life - Jerry Saltz


Schools & Private Teachers

Michigan Folk School - Ann Arbor, MI

Woodspirit School of Traditional Craft - Ashland, WI

The Woodworking School at Pine Croft - Berea, KY

North House Folk School - Grand Marais, MN

The Chairmakers Toolbox - sets up classes around the country


Eric Cannizzaro - Ladder Back & Windsor Chairs - Charlotte, VT

Greg Pennington -  Windsor Chairs - Hendersonville, TN

Peter Galbert - Windsor Chairs - Rollinsford, NH

Jeff Lefkowitz - Bogg's Chairs - Strasburg, VA

David Douyard - Ladder Back & Windsor Chairs - Pine Meadow, CT

Blake Loree - Windsor Chairs - Waco, TX

Travis Curtis - Jennie Alexander Chairs - Nashville, TN