Michigan Sloyd

Rod Back Chair 2022

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Currently being shown by I.M. Weiss Gallery in Detroit, MI.

Single board white pine seat, sourced from a specialty Sawyer in Escanaba, MI, is completely hand carved using tradtional handtools including drawknives, inshaves, travishers, spokeshaves and scrapers. All other parts are white ash sourced from a single tree on a neighboring farm. All parts are hand split from the fresh logs using wedges and axes. The legs, back posts, arm posts and spindles are turned on a lathe and finished by hand with a spokeshave. The arm rests and crest are hand carved. The mortise and tenon joinery is assembled utilzing tradtional moisture differentials between parts to create mechanically locked permanent joints. Through mortises are wedged. Traditional hide glue is used at assembly ensuring easier repairs for future generations. The color is built up layers of walnut husk dye and custom color blends of milk paint. Additional layers of a blended oil varnish finish are hand rubbed.