Spoon Blanks - 10 Pack

$ 80.00

White Birch spoon blanks ready for knife work. Left slightly oversize to allow plenty of design options and just enough stock removal practice. Comes with a traced template drawing on the back that can either be followed or ignored. The crank, or bend along the top surface has already been cleanly established with a drawknife. Perfect for those just starting out and wanting to learn where to place the crank. Also great for carvers with limited wood supply, limited time, or arthritis. White birch strikes a nice balance between carvability and durability. These blanks have been selected to have exceptional grain quality. They are straight grained, clear of knots and sap pockets, and bug hole free. Blanks ship green and wrapped in plastic. Store in the freezer immediately until ready to carve. 

Only available to ship within the continental U.S.