Black Cherry Cup - 9oz

$ 160.00

Hand carved cup for drinking coffee, tea, beer, etc.  These cups have a new kiln cured natural oil finish that performs very well. You will experience no oil seeps, leaks, or foul taste.


Dimensions: Approximately L 7.5"  W 4” D 3”

Weight: Approximately 3.5 oz

Marterials: Black Cherry, Tung Oil


Care and Use These cups are made to be used everyday. They will develop their own patina over time. They will handle cold liquids with virtually no concerns. They can also be used for hot beverages with some considerations. Wood reacts to changes in temperature, humidity, and especially moisture. Exposing wood to extreme heat and moisture must be done with care to avoid cracking. Always keep the temperature well below boiling. These cups have undergone testing up to about 190 degrees fahrenheit. Consistent use helps keep the moisture levels in the wood more stable. Most cracks occur from exposing dry wood (unused for several weeks, dry winter environment) to excessively hot liquid. If there is concern the bowl is rather dry, acclimate it with short exposures to warm tap water before attempting full temperature liquids. Avoid letting liquids sit in the cup for long periods such as overnight. Hand wash only. Never put in the dishwasher. Best practice is to wipe clean with warm water soon after use. Avoid excessive soap and soaking in water for long periods. Do not use an abrasive sponge on any painted areas.