Steam Bent Spatula

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Steam bending makes these cooking spatulas strong, thin and flexible. Stir, fry, scrape, and flip. Excellent for use with cast iron pans. The new favorite in our home kitchen. 

Dimensions: Approximately L 12" W 2" D 5/8"

Weight: Approximately 1 oz

Materials: Rock Maple. Tung Oil. 

Wood grain, tone, and paint colors can vary slightly from the pictures due to the nature of the materials. 

All utensils are finished with knife cuts only, never sanded. After carving, they are lightly coated with tung oil and cured in a kiln to create a durable finish. To maintain, wipe clean with warm water after each use. Avoid using excessive soap and soaking in water. Never put a wooden utensil in the dishwasher.